As we learned in January, the Salt Lake Bees are leaving Smith's Ballpark in Salt Lake for a new spot somewhere in Daybreak (ouch).

So what the heck are they gonna do with that stadium?

Well, Salt Lake isn't going to let it go to waste.

They asked a bunch of designers to submit ideas.

Here are the winners:

PROFESSIONAL DIVISION (Full Ballpark Next Results)

Tessa Arneson & Team: "SHE PLAYS HERE. WE THRIVE HERE."


This one is a multi-purpose venue focused on women athletes. Here's Arneson's introductory statement about the project:

"By re-imagining Salt Lake City’s ballpark as a multi-use hub and home for women athletes and their teams, our city can assume a global leadership role in the empowerment of women through sports. We can revitalize an area that has long suffered from a lack of year-round activation of its stadium. And, alongside the development of five acres immediately west of the stadium that members of our team intend to build up in concert with this vision, we can catalyze a vibrant district where current business owners and underrepresented entrepreneurs from our community will be celebrated, supported, and put on a trajectory to thrive." -Tessa Arneson


RESIDENT DIVISION (Full Ballpark Next Results)

Oscar Arvizu: "SKY GARDEN"


"For the future of the Ballpark neighborhood I propose SKYGARDEN, a concept where the ballpark stadium space is split in two sections with one side that becomes an elevated park with storefronts underneath for local restaurants and business. These could be temporary popup shops to showcase their talents. The other half of the ballpark space would be a biodome/ greenhouse that is open year around for people to enjoy."

-Oscar Arvizu (Full Statement)




Andy Thompson: "SIX FLAGS:

attachment-Smiths ballpark future cover


"Let's just put a Six Flags in there"

-Andy Thompson

We'll see which one they go with...I know what I'm rooting for...


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