KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 98 


Statewide News – 11/20/23 

MLB May Come to Salt Lake City 

Salt Lake City is getting closer to getting its own Major League Baseball team, but it will be a while before they throw the first pitch. 

According to Big League Utah, a community baseball coalition, Utah’s capital city is the “center of attention” when it comes to any kind of MLB expansion. 

Even if the expansion comes to fruition, the first game would not take place until 2028. 

Online Petition Asks Romney to Run for President 

Utah Senator Mitt Romney recently announced his planned retirement, but some members of the public want him to push farther into the political world. 

The Draft Romney Manchin Committee created an online petition to get the Senator to run for president in 2024 and asked West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin to run for vice president. 

The committee said, “Our country needs leaders who can bridge the divide between political extremes.” 

As of November 19, the petition has more than 860 signatures. Romney last ran for president in the 2012 election against President Barack Obama. 

Utah Special Election Tomorrow 

The special election to replace Former Utah Congressman Chris Stewart will culminate tomorrow, November 21. 

Republican candidate Celeste Maloy and Democratic candidate Kathleen Riebe will go head-to-head at the voting booth to decide who will represent Utah’s Second Congressional District. 

Today is the last day to mail your ballots, but you can also drop off your ballots at select locations throughout your city on the day of the election as well. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 11/20/23 

Power Outage Affects 500 Homes in St. George 

A power outage, possibly caused by a storm over the weekend, left over 500 homes without power in the main area of St. George and Santa Clara. 

Traffic lights were also affected on major intersections including the traffic heavy Bluff Street/Sunset Boulevard intersection. 

The outage began a chain of events that led up to a crash on the busy intersection which sent a woman to St. George Regional Hospital, but she’s reportedly conscious and responding to questions. 

Power has since been restored, including the facilities here at Townsquare Media Southern Utah. 

Extensive Police Chase on Arizona Strip 

An extensive police chase occurred on November 18 over a suspect who unsuccessfully attempted to steal a vehicle before stealing a truck. 

The suspect led the police on a pursuit starting in Washinton County near the Arizona Strip before crossing into Mohave County in Arizona. 

After about an hour of officers deploying various tactics, and the suspect stealing another vehicle, the man was finally arrested and currently resides at the Purgatory Correctional Facility. You can find more details in our full article. 

Attempted Bus Jacking in St. George 

A man from Salt Lake City attempted to steal a bus in St. George on November 13 with the man running after the bus on foot. 

53-year-old James McDougall attempted to steal the bus at the South Bluff Street Salt Lake Express terminal, and after being convinced to vacate the vehicle, he proceeded to run after the bus on foot. 

McDougall then attempted to steal another bus but was not able hotwire the ignition system. The man is now facing various charges and is being held at the Purgatory Correctional Facility. 


A final reminder for those looking to mail in ballots for the Utah election. 

Today is the final day to get your ballot mailed in. If you want to wait until tomorrow, you’re going to need to drop off you’re ballot at locations such as the St. George City Library or at the Dixie Convention Center. 

Happy Voting! 

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