If you're hungry and you're thinking STEAK, where are you going to go? Outback Steakhouse? Texas Roadhouse? Not anymore!

Last night, I tried the new Longhorn Steakhouse in St. George on Hilton Drive. I was told it was LIKE Texas Roadhouse, but less gimmicky cowboy stuff, and more classy cowboy stuff. When I walked in, that's EXACTLY what it was like. However, I was surprised by how small it was. It felt TINY in there!

We sat down and our waiter was nice and cool! The menu was a little pricey, but I fully expected it. They brought us bread and butter and we ordered our food. I will say... the rolls and cinnamon butter at Texas Roadhouse were DEFINITELY better than Longhorn's bread. But that might have been the only thing better at Texas Roadhouse.



I ordered the Texas Tonion. It's their take on a Bloomin' Onion, but totally different. The onion wasn't "Together" anymore. It was all individually deep fried onions.

The waitstaff messed up and brought us the spinach artichoke dip with like... fried pita chips. This was WAYYYY BETTER than the Texas Tonion. WAY BETTER! TOTALLY SUGGEST.

I also ordered the 6oz. sirloin steak cooked medium well with a loaded baked potato, and loaded potato soup! The steak was great. Maybe the best I've ever had. Unfortunately, about half of the steak was cooked WAY TOO RARE for my liking.



My friends ordered shrimp, but they were OUT of shrimp, so they gave them LOBSTER TAILS for the same price! This wasn't the only thing they were out of, however. There were LOTS of different things they were out of! I don't think they estimated correctly, how many people would be going to this place!

They were out of shrimp, the corn on the cob, the garlic butter, and more things I can't remember.

This place is WAY better than Texas Roadhouse, and Outback. The flavor is amazing. They even had a Mac & Cheese with parmesan crust on top. AMAZING! You have to try it!

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