1. Your kids think a snow shovel is a dustpan. With only a smattering of snow every other year, that quickly melts on the warm pavement, snow removal isn’t a big priority in this climate. The only reason a snow shovel shows up is if you brought it with you when you moved South.
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2. You are eating Mexican takeout while sitting in a carwash. At least half the restaurants in this area are of the Mexican variety and it seems like a carwash opens up every week.  Chances are you will be combining the two.
3. You know your neighbor is wealthy by looking at his side by side. With a wilderness nirvana just across the city limits, Southern Utahn’s value a good off-road vehicle. Enthusiasts spend anywhere from 30k to upwards of a 100k to ride through the dry gullies and sanddunes in comfort. You can hear these UHV’s roardown the roads leading to BLM land every weekend of the year.
4. You drive the Gorge like it’s a luge competition. The canyon carved out by the Virgin River is where they built the I-15 freeway. If you drive the posted speed limit of 55 through this gorge, expect the paint to be peeled from your car as locals pass you in the left lane. Mix in the slower moving diesel trucks and you have a driving demonstration that would make a Grand Prix crowd roar.
5. You understand going to the strip doesn’t involve anything X-rated. The top third of Arizona is separated from the rest of the state by the Grand Canyon and known as the Arizona Strip. This waterless wasteland can be navigated all the way to the North Rim, but the sharp rocks that rip tires have left many a vehicle stranded miles from civilization. Pretty wholesome except for the cussing.



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