Does it bother you that In-n-Out Burger has banned their employees from wearing masks? 

In a leaked memo that made national news, In-N-Out Burger said their employees would no longer be allowed to wear masks unless their doctor instructs them to wear one. The policy was to go in effect August 14th. They said it was to help the customer’s experience as they can now see the employee's friendly smile. 

I love In-N-Out Burger in Washington and eat there regularly. I personally find masks a little irritating as it does make it harder to understand someone when there are many people in a place milling about and talking. If you have been to this location, it is always busy.  

On the other hand, it isn’t a big deal to me if someone wants to wear a mask. If they have a compromised immune system and a mask helps, good on them. Hopefully, if they are sick with a cold or something, they will just stay home until they get better, but if it spares me some germs, I am glad for it. 

There has been some backlash from proponents of masks. Some even call for people to call the managers at the fast-food place to express their concern.  


This is so tiresome. It makes me want to do the opposite and call and let the manager know they can do what they want with their business and keep putting out great burgers. 

Where do you stand on this? If In-N-Out Burger continues with their plans of banning masks, will it affect whether or not you eat there?  

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