Deadliest Jobs List 

There are certain occupations that have more risk than others. It probably doesn't surprise you that an oil rig worker has more risk than a data entry position. However, you may not have put farmer on that risk of physical harm list. 

The most dangerous job is Logging followed by pilots and flight engineers and then derrick operators for gas and mining. Farming is number 8 on the list with 26 out of 100,000 people getting injured. Data entry can cause injuries, but it is mostly carpal tunnel problems and paper cuts. 

What State is the Most Dangerous? 

Stay away from Wyoming. The home of the Cowboys is number one on the list for fatal workplace injuries at 11.5 per 100,000 people. Don’t even stretch a toe across the border or you just might lose it. I’m wearing a hard hat next time I go there to buy fireworks. 

Where is Utah on the danger list? The beehive state has 3.4 injuries per 100,000. That is on the safer side compared to other states. Delaware is the safest at 1.8. The only danger for those folks is when people from Wyoming come to visit. 

Surprisingly Dangerous Jobs 

Here are some risky occupations that surprised me from the list. Crossing guards are at number 12 with 19 injuries per 100,000. I’m going to give a friendly wave next time I see one of these heroes. 

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At number 15 is landscaping supervisors. I don’t know why the supervisor is more at risk than the guys doing the work. Maybe it's because he walks around with a clipboard ordering everyone else around and is at risk of being hit intentionally by a shovel. 

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