The leaves are all off the trees and lying on the ground. Your yard is piled with leaves, and it is time to decide what to do with them. Rather than rake up 16 bags full and fill your garbage can, maybe you should compost them. Turn them into something you can use in your plants and garden.  

Compost isn’t hard. First you want to shred your leaves by mowing them up or use a leaf blower with a shred option. The leaves are considered brown material. You will also want to put in some green material. Those are grass clippings, coffee grounds, even paper from a shredder. The mix should be 3 to 4 brown to green. 


After that, throw in some mulch that contains bacteria, get it wet and let it turn into something brown and full of nutrients. Every so often you can mix up the pile to move things along. 

Maybe you are thinking, I don’t want a pile of dead stuff in my yard. No problem. There are composters you can buy at a garden store that look nice in the yard. Some are even made to easily flip the compost just by turning the barrel over or spinning it. 

If you are like me and don’t like to spend money for something you can build, check out this do-it-yourself composter on YouTube.

There you go. Instead of filling the dump with trash bags of leaves, fill your composter and make the plants in your yard happy.  

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